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Flight from Plight was established in response to the Taliban taking power in August 2021 and particularly following the ‘not so great escape’ from Kabul Airport to:

  1. Enable bona fide civil, women’s and human rights activists, journalists, former politicians, midwives, women air crew and others in Afghanistan targeted by the Taliban and their families, in hiding and in fear of their lives to reach safe refuge.

  2. Facilitate safe travel to a second country.

  3. We help those in flight to register as refugees with the UNHCR.

  4. Work with others to find third country resettlement, accommodation, and other support.

  5. Raise public awareness.

  6. Raise funds to help evacuate targets in hiding to flee.

  7. Support evacuees with transport, visa, passport, medical and accommodation costs during transition.

  8. Understand and help ameliorate the psychological impacts upon people transitioning from a life in terror to a new life in a free society.


Registering as a refugee with the UNHCR once in Pakistan:


  1. Any Afghans who travel to Pakistan and want to get registered at UNHCR in Pakistan, will need to contact UNHCR over the phone. If they are settled in Peshawar, they should contact UNHCR Peshawar office but if settled in Islamabad, they need to contact UNHCR Islamabad office.

  2. He or she should introduce herself/himself and let UNHCR know that he/she recently arrived in Pakistan and wants to visit UNHCR explaining the purpose of the visit.

  3. He/she will be given a date on which she/he can turn up at the contacted UNHCR office for an interview. The interview date may be some 4 weeks from the date of contact.

  4. She/ he will be received by the UNHCR. The UNHCR on the given date will conduct a brief interview asking why, when and how she/he travelled to Islamabad. He/she will need to have a national ID (passport/Tazkira) and any other documents including employment ID card etc. The UNHCR will also open a file for the interviewee with a case number and let her/him know that UNHCR will contact them for another interview next.

  5. On the second visit, all family members will go through a comprehensive interview and biometrics process. UNHCR will inform the family members that UNHRC will not be able to resettle them in any third country. UNHCR will only register them and issue refugee ID cards for their protection to not be deported to Afghanistan.

  6. After this visit and the interview in case there is not a need for the third interview, the UNHCR will issue refugee IDs for them. The UNHCR will also provide hotline numbers for them to contact UNHCR in any emergency situations.

  7. It is advised that while visiting the UNHCR, all supporting documents including threat documents be in hand.



Please find below contact details for the UNHCR in Islamabad:


Tel: 📞 +92 334 111 2004 


Address: 26B, Street 687, G 13/3, Islamabad


Phone: 📞 +92 (051) 2300809-10




SHARP Hotline runs 24/7


Office Hours: 9-4:30pm (Mon-Thurs) 9-12:30pm (Fri) 


For Registration: SHARP WILL ONLY BE TAKING APPOINTMENTS FOR NEW APPLICANTS OVER THE PHONE. NO WALK-IN CASES WILL BE ENTERTAINED. To make an appointment please call: 051-2300811 or 051 2300812 between 8-12pm and 2-4pm (Mon-Thurs) and 9-12:30 (Fri)


Flight from Plight has now widened its remit and is supporting a school in Kabul, Afghanistan for homeless boys and girls, aged between 5-12, usually orphans, who have to work the streets and beg just to survive. This source of education and hope for these children was previously funded by the Afghan government before the Taliban takeover, they did not continue funding the initiative…


The school equipment is used up and the school principal doesn’t have money to replace broken furniture and buy more chairs, desks, boards, and books. Due to the humanitarian crises, the number of the street begging/working and homeless children are increasing rapidly. New students are admitted to the school weekly since more and more parents can’t afford to send their children to public schools. The children that are fortunate enough to still have their parents are usually unable to feed themselves daily and are usually illiterate. As well as the education, the school also provides the children with one meal a day. Therefore, we feel it is morally responsible to fund the school, at £200 a month,  so that this incredibly important hub for the children is allowed to provide the vital services it does.


If you can, please assist our efforts by making a donation, or sharing this with others.

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